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The benefits of the changes in the rear wing structure of the 2000 w small wind turbine.

May 23, 2018

Considering the shortage of traditional small wind turbines, an advanced structure of 2000 w small wind turbine has been developed to improve its service life, increase efficiency and increase power generation. So what kind of special structure is this 2000 w small wind turbine?

Traditional tail of small horizontal axis wind turbine is used to protect, when wind speed is higher, therefore, need to rely on the tail folding tail or yaw to reduce the speed of the wind turbine, have the effect of regulation and protection of wind generator. But in most cases the tail work direction as the folding tail about protection, when the wind speed is higher, the tail rod length and tail area and the influence of tail shaft Angle, will appear slow phenomenon, after folding tail protection of generator speed reduce delay and produce return phenomenon.

Such problems will directly result in the efficiency of wind turbines greatly reduced, and the maximum value of wind power generation can not be realized. At the same time, the tail rod all the year round the continuity of folding tail movements, is bound to greatly reduce the mechanical stability of tail shaft, such as after a certain period of time will appear the tail rod break damage phenomenon, caused the machine fault, and even dangerous.

Moreover, the traditional horizontal shaft wind generator can not be completely sealed due to structural reasons, which can not overcome the water seepage and prevent dust erosion, which greatly reduces the level of safety protection. Traditional folding tail type horizontal axis wind turbines in practical applications, the stern rudder shaft and shaft sleeve can have varying degrees of wear, influence the working point of stern rudder, important also deprive stern rudder function, under the condition of strong winds burned generators, causing serious damage.

And now the 2000 w small wind turbine is a new way of working the tail structure, applied to the horizontal axis wind turbine, and it's based on aerodynamics. When the 2000 w small wind turbine impeller in the wind turn, the rear of the impeller can form a vortex pressure, stern rudder plate pressure according to pressure size automatically rotate, reduce the impeller windward area, reduces the wind through the impeller, the impeller speed automatically to achieve a reasonable speed, impeller and generator at a good speed, to ensure the generator operation under the conditions of high efficiency.

Constant practice verification, the rotor 2000 w small wind turbines can be realized completely sealed, internal adopts the mature standard bearing, connection of different parts are waterproof sealing ring, thoroughly implement the dust, water, salt fog seal to stop. Moreover, the control of the tail rudder work point will not be affected by factors such as time and wear, and it will not be easy to change the working point, which will greatly improve the reliability.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/