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The basis of the design of blade design for small household wind turbine.

May 10, 2018

Looking from the outside, it turns out that the wind blades of small household wind turbines are small, and that will not affect its power generation. Wind power equipment in the design of the blades, need comprehensive consideration, the appearance of small domestic wind turbine blade is through careful design, in order to achieve a minimum cost to maximize output efficiency.

In general, the design of the blades of small domestic wind turbine is mainly determined by aerodynamic demand, but the economic decision needs to design the blade profile with reasonable cost. Moreover, the thickness of the blade gradually increases from the tip to the root, because the root is responsible for the maximum load.

Because the length of the blades of the small household wind turbine affects the sweep area, it also determines the ability to catch wind. According to the Betz rule, the wind power can only be captured by the fan at most. At the same time, in the cross section of the blade, the aerodynamic shape of the blade can be clearly seen. It is this unique design that generates thrust to drive the fan to turn.

Small home the shape of the wind turbine blades from blade root to blade tip gradually narrowed, to ensure the constant throughout the swept area reduction rate, air flow will not be too slow through leaves and produce turbulence, at the same time through the speed also won't too quickly and cause energy waste.

In addition, the blade of small household wind turbine is gradually increasing from the tip to the base thickness, in order to bear more load and bending moment. If the load is not very important, the ratio of the thickness chord length in the general case is 10-15%, and the flat part near the root of the blade will help to improve the efficiency of the trap.

Due to the small home wind turbine blade speed increased with the increase of the length increases, the wind Angle is with blade extending continuous change, so in order to keep the blade windward area has the best Angle of attack, leaf form needs to be designed into reverse. The higher the speed, the higher the number of blades, which means that the blade size should be narrower and thinner. But small household wind turbines typically provide electricity for home lighting, so there is no need for excessive speed, and the number of blades can be reduced appropriately.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/