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The basic structure and outstanding advantages of vertical wind turbine

Nov 29, 2017

Wind energy is a kind of inexhaustible clean energy, is of great significance in the aspect of power generation, but in the past most of the wind turbine is the electric fan type structure, the structure complexity and higher requirements to a certain limit, in order to solve these problems, the Titan launched a vertical wind turbines.

After the application of vertical wind turbine, it can effectively reduce or change the force of the rotating shaft of vertical setting to get dozens of meters and higher vertical wind turbines; And its structure is simple, not only installs maintenance is very convenient, and greatly reduces the manufacturing and maintenance cost.

This vertical wind generator is mainly a pneumatic device and power generation device consisting of two parts, but including suspension column, suspension beam, the whole suspension bearing, center pillar and the center pillar sets, and other components. The vertical distribution of several suspension columns is set in the vicinity of the vertical wind turbine, and the top is connected to the suspended beam respectively.

In the upper part of the suspended beam, the center shaft is installed, and the upper end of the central pillar is mounted in the central shaft seat to cooperate with each other in such a way. For a vertical wind turbine, the central pillar sleeve is the outer side of the central pillar, and the upper end of the center column is fixed on the suspended beam. Of course, there is a stop on the central pillar set below the suspended beam to install the full suspension bearing seat.

All in all, one ring is a ring like this cooperation, to form a complete vertical wind turbines, it can be to generate electricity with simple structure, overcome all kinds of problems for the existence of traditional wind turbine, the electricity required to provide.