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The basic requirement of stable and normal operation of small wind turbines

May 31, 2018

Small wind generator in the process, in order to avoid the not smooth or the phenomenon of noise increases, need careful inspections prior to equipment, all of the machines should be fixed bolt fastening, including generator base fixed bolt, tail set screw, tower and cable, etc.

At the same time, the blades of small wind turbines should be inspected regularly. If the blades of wind turbines are found to be deformed or worn, they need to be removed, repaired or replaced. However, it should be noted that when replacing the duckweed of a small wind generator, it should be replaced together in a complete set to avoid damaging the balance of the wind wheel.

Due to the small wind turbines in the case of low wind speed can run normally, so you just need to keep the nose can timely deflection speed limit, you can make wind turbines for a long time to keep normal and stable working state, so as to improve the capacity of the fan, meet user needs.

Of course, for small wind turbines to operate flexibly, they need to install pressure bearings at the top of their towers and maintain them regularly, including careful cleaning. Apply lubricating oil, etc., to avoid the small wind turbine head of the rotary body and pressure bearing internal maintenance good.

In order to ensure the normal power of small wind turbines, on the one hand, need to keep in good condition of transmission line, rectifier tube, connector, insurance, etc., on the other hand, some important parameters of small wind turbines need reasonable Settings, such as the rotating speed at rated speed.

Sometimes, the wind wheel speed of small wind turbines will also be significantly reduced, generally more intuitive. That is, when there is wind, the wind wheel is not easy to start, the speed of rotation cannot be removed when running, especially when rated wind speed, the speed of the wind wheel cannot reach the rated speed. This case is probably small windward side of wind turbine blade Angle is not correct, the improved way is to check the adjustment or replace new wind wheel blade, should check the rotor blade Angle to the wind, wind turbines operate freely, if generator bearing damage, a new bearing should be replaced.