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The advantages of the small wind generator stern rudder and the maintenance of the draught fan

Oct 07, 2017

【Summary】Our understanding of small wind generators will continue. So next, we will still talk about this topic and at the same time ,we will raise some professional questions, and give the correct answer. This will help everyone have a comprehensive understanding instead of having a smattering of knowledge, or it will affect the using effect of the small wind generator.


1.Is the home wind turbine small wind generator?

The home wind turbine is a kind of wind power generators, and In most of the cases, it is the small wind generator. So the answer to this question is "not necessarily". Because in most cases it is, but not in all cases, there is a difference between the them..

2.If the small wind generator uses the stern rudder, what advantages does it have?

If use the stern rudder on the small wind generator, its advantages are simple structure, small size, easy installation, high efficiency and low cost. Therefore, in some small occasions, or the demand for power generation is not very large, it is appropriate to use. 

3.What are the basic requirements of the installation place of the small wind generator? And how to maintain its draught fan?

The installation place of the small wind generator should be chosen correctly. so as to make the equipment run and use normally. Therefore, there are mainly two basic requirements. The first one is to have a higher average wind speed, and the second one is to have a weak turbulent flow. If it is not satisfied, it cannot be installed.

For the maintenance of the draught fan in the small wind generator, in general, we should pay attention to whether there is abnormal phenomena or problems in the process. If there is, the generator should be turned off immediately to inspect and remove. If it is a wind wheel with variable pitch speed, it should also check whether the return of its speed regulating spiral groove is consistent, and whether the action is flexible.