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The advantages of improving hybrid vertical axis wind turbines control after varying angle of attack

Aug 25, 2017

Compared with the ordinary wind generator, vertical axis wind turbine has the advantages of simple maintenance, low noise, blade are stable. However we want to further promote the development of vertical axis wind turbine, so we need to improve and perfect the products, so we have designed the improved one. 

Now, the vertical axis wind turbine is improved, it adopts the method of fully automatic controlling blade angle of attack, which can adjust the blade angle of attack according to the actual conditions and requirements. From a structural point of view, variable angle of attack, lift resistance, hybrid vertical axis wind turbine impeller consists of two blades, and each blade is adjusted by a DC motor blade rotation angle. 

In actual use, change the angle of attack resistance of mixed type vertical axis wind turbine according to the wind instrument, photoelectric encoder measured wind direction and wind speed, impeller speed and angle signal, through the single-chip microcomputer control of each blade drive motor, automatic adjustment of the blade angle of attack, resistance and good starting characteristics play a lift type wind energy utilization the characteristics of high efficiency, thus achieving a lift and drag hybrid control. 

It not only inherits the traditional vertical axis wind turbine, and has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance, low noise, blade stress the advantages of stability, and overcomes the shortcoming of the traditional vertical axis wind turbine, greatly reducing the starting velocity of the vertical axis wind turbine, even at the time of starting, adjusting the blade angle of attack to ensure maximum windward angle the equipment, as a resistance type wind turbine starter, improve starting torque. 

In addition, besides the improvement of structure and function, we also improve the power generation efficiency of vertical axis wind turbine, and greatly improves the safety of vertical axis wind turbine,at the same time, we delete mechanical speed limiting device. Vertical axis wind turbines like these are suitable for large wind farms well and bring enormous economic benefits.