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The advantages of domestic wind power systems

Mar 19, 2018

Electricity has become an indispensable source of energy for any person, family, or group in today's society. For ordinary families, collective power supply is the main source of electricity. In order to deal with certain special conditions such as power outages and mobile power supply, domestic power generation systems are needed. At this time, domestic wind power systems become the first choice.


In fact, in addition to domestic wind power systems, there are three types of household power generation systems, such as home diesel generators, domestic gasoline generators, and home solar power systems. However, after many comparisons, it is still considered that domestic wind power systems are more suitable.


Diesel generators are very common for rural households and have a relatively high use rate in rural areas. Because of the high heat energy and low price of diesel oil, the overall cost is relatively low; however, such equipment is noisy; the rate of occurrence of problems is high; Low, poor electricity production.


The diesel generators for household gasoline generators are similar, but they are also common in rural areas. Although they are smaller in noise and smaller in size than diesel engines, they are easy to carry. However, they are non-clean energy sources. The use cost is still very high, and the usage rate is the same as that of diesel engines. low.


Home solar power systems must be equipped with electrical components in order to be used, with high installation costs. The domestic wind power generation system has low use cost compared to other kinds of power generation devices; the use efficiency is high, and the power can be stored for household appliances; clean energy can save electricity expenses.http://www.titanwindturbine.com