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The advanced and superiority of the super-large vertical axis wind turbine

Oct 18, 2017

If you want to know the current wind turbine can be divided into horizontal axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine two kinds, the former not only influenced by the intensity of fan blades, the influence of the ability to resist the wind tower drum, but also a large bearing, gearbox, fan blades and other large parts in difficult problems such as high altitude. In other words, it is difficult to make the horizontal axis wind generator very large by relying on the existing technology.

Wind power flow chart.png

While the vertical axis wind turbines do not need to be in the direction of wind direction, but because of the problems of technology, structure, materials, technology and so on, the implementation process of large scale is also difficult. Conditions for technology, besides a battery vertical axis wind deflector type hollow double rotor maglev wind turbine, structurally thoroughly solved the past, there exists the shortage of the wind turbine.

This is actually a kind of a very large vertical axis wind turbines, not only has a very large machine capacity, large power, stable power frequency, strong ability to resist storms, as well as easy installation, maintenance, maintenance way.

In this very large vertical axis wind turbines, hollow vertical axis wind deflector to peripheral can be through layer connection form the frame structure, which showed good stability and wind resistance, but also increased the sectional area of wind, fan and reduces the fan blade 1 reverse wind resistance.

In addition, it also USES multiple transmission combination system to give inner rotor, reducing the volume and weight of single transmission. With the combined magnetic levitation system, the inner rotor and outer rotor can be double positioned, and the positioning accuracy of the magnetic suspension system can be improved. With the application of multi-layer frame composite structure and vertical hollow axis, large parts and key components such as large bearings and large gearboxes can be omitted and the installation and maintenance are relatively simple and feasible.