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The 300 w small wind generator has unique structure and excellent performance

Jul 17, 2018

The 300 w small wind generator is a commonly used type of household wind power generation device. Its wind turbine blades are made of ultra-high weatherability engineering plastics and carbon fiber composite, which are formed by precision injection molding. The shape was carefully designed by experts and finally shaped after months of wind field tests. The motor USES rubidium ferroboron high strength rare earth permanent magnet. The generator is small in size, high in efficiency and excellent in all aspects.

Even the 300 w small wind turbine housing is made of high strength alloy aluminum, precision die-casting; The surface is galvanized with baking paint to make the product corrosion resistant. 300 w small wind turbine machine screw is made of stainless steel quality, slip ring USES the integrated structure, high temperature resistant wires, unique stability, fan output line never entangled, heat dissipation structure is unique, the tail to the accurate, structure design and stability.

300 w small wind turbines as household generators can solve the problem of insufficient power, but in the use process, asking to have the layout of the place is no barrier, the land around the hardness to hard and wind conditions is better. At the same time, the 300 w small wind turbines should be maintained regularly, and the operation of the units should be observed. Grease the machine for lubrication and maintenance.