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The 200w small wind turbine also has vertical and horizontal axes.

May 02, 2018

200 w small wind turbines that belongs to a small wind turbines, it usually only need breeze can normal boot, it just like other wind turbines, can be divided into 200 w small vertical axis wind turbine and horizontal axis 200 w small wind turbines.

The wind turbine structure of a small wind turbine with vertical axis is relatively simple. The wheel hub adopts the mature sizing structure, without complex moving machinery devices, maintenance, and the failure rate is extremely low. And all of its components are made of conventional national standard parts, which can be easily purchased.

At the same time, the vertical axis 200w small wind turbine USES three-phase power transmission slip ring to conduct electricity, without torsion cable phenomenon. Especially when the revolving body vertical rigid driving mechanism, using only conventional bearing, this structure can shake and vibration due to unstable airflow easily dissolve, to improve life of wind turbines.

After practice, it can be seen that the power generation efficiency of the small wind turbine with vertical axis is over 90%, and the wind energy utilization coefficient is 42%. In addition, there are unique and simple control methods, automatic windward, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of wind turbines. Make full use of the aerodynamics design, make the wind generator exceed the safe wind speed to automatically deflect the wind wheel 90 degrees, completely not face the wind, make sure the equipment is running under safe wind speed.

And the characteristics of the horizontal axis 200 w small wind turbine is that it is composed of generator, blades, collecting steering device, tail, dome, installation and other components of the shaft, it leaves for carbon fiber and nylon, corrosion resistance, dust, long service life, etc. Because it USES a disk generator as a power output hub, it is small in size, light in weight and high in efficiency.

If the horizontal axis 200 w small wind turbines and solar cooperate, can form scenery complementary power supply system, installed with humanized design, convenient installation, maintenance and repair, make its can be widely used in urban road lighting, park, village road lighting, etc., is one of the main products of the new energy.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/