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Technical support for large-scale wind turbine blade

Jun 08, 2018

In view of the current trend, the wind turbine blade is becoming larger and larger, which makes the power generation of the equipment increase significantly. However, in the process of developing large-scale wind turbine blades, it is necessary to provide perfect technical support for them so as to achieve the goal better.

First of all, the design of wind turbine blade is based on the principle that the forming period should be short, the production capacity should be increased, and the cost should be minimized. This requires the use of cost-effective materials to reduce the weight of the blades, ensure blade quality, low defective rate, because wind turbine blades must ensure quality.

Second requirement of large-scale wind turbine blade structure is help to convenient operation, causes minimal units and load of the blade, blade weight, higher power performance, continuous airfoils, need to be able to comply with the design process. In addition, the operating environment and wind conditions of the blades should be considered to match, so this requires the structural designers to consider the influence of other factors earlier and more.

The operating environment of wind turbines is complex, so the reliability, technology and material reliability of large-scale blades are taken into account to ensure the safety of operation. Basic material considerations can be used for carbon fiber, or carbon-glass blended fibers. After the material selection is completed, we need to ensure the use of the material. The material performance is within a controllable range.

Combined with the design, the load is minimized and the sensitivity of the laminated structure is reduced. In addition, the design of wind turbine blade can be further improved by means of simulation analysis, and the operation must be carried out after the installation of blade root rear cover plate.

When the actual blade structure of the wind turbine has been shaped, the problems of aerodynamic performance and lightning protection should be paid attention to. Because of the large carbon fiber blade, its lightning protection needs special consideration, so it needs to have this kind of flash belt, the metal mesh can be both lightning and conductive materials.

In addition, due to the large size of the wind turbine blade, the positioning and bonding control of the web and its protection cannot be ignored. For large wind turbine blades, transport plans should be planned in advance to avoid accidental loss of blades.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/