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Technical specifications for installation of small domestic wind turbines

Sep 11, 2018

The installation of small household wind turbines is divided into 100 watt wind turbines and 100 kilowatt wind turbines. Because of their small structure and light weight, 100 watt wind turbines can be erected by 3-5 people. Due to the heavy structure weight of the kilowatt fan, the lifting pulley and winch shall be used in the installation. 


In order to make the installation work safely and smoothly, the installation of small domestic wind turbines should comply with the relevant technical regulations, and the installation of main components of small domestic wind turbines should follow the unified command. Operators are not allowed to stand under the tower or under the lifting parts in case of accidents. 


When installing at the top of the upper tower, the operator must fasten the seat belt or install other protective devices. In addition, tools or parts shall not be carried in hand or on the body to avoid injury or damage. Tools and parts used by operators on the upper part of the tower should be hoisted by rope. 


The installation of small domestic wind turbines can only be carried out when the wind speed is no more than 4m/s to ensure the safety of operation. When installing the wind wheel, the blades of the wind wheel must be tied firmly to the tower body with ropes in advance, so as to prevent the wind wheel from being blown by the wind and rotating, which may damage the installation operators.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/