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Technical specifications for installation of 200 w wind turbines

Jul 28, 2018

The installation of a small wind turbine consists of a 100-watt fan and a kilowatt fan. Because of its small structure and light weight, a 100-watt fan like a 200-watt wind turbine can be erected by 3-5 people. However, in order to make the installation work safely and smoothly, the relevant technical regulations should also be followed.

The fir wood used in the installation tower of 200 w wind generator should be strong. The strength of the rope should meet the requirements, the safety factor must be large, and the length of the rope should have an appropriate allowance. When hoisting operation, the signal should be regulated to achieve unified command.

The installation of main parts and components of 200 w wind turbines should follow unified instructions. Operators are not allowed to stand under the tower body or under the lifting parts, in case of accidents. When installing on the top of the tower, the operator must fasten the safety belt or add other protective devices. In addition, you are not allowed to carry tools or parts in your hands or body. The tools and parts used by the operator on the upper part of the tower frame shall be uniformly hoisted by ropes.

The installation of 200 w wind turbines can only be carried out with wind speed not exceeding 4m/s() to ensure safe operation. When installing the wind wheel, the wind wheel blade must be wired in advance. The piece is firmly attached to the tower body to prevent the installation operator from being hurt by the rotation of the wind wheel.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/