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System composition and light design of solar kylin lamps

Sep 30, 2017

Solar kylin light is mainly used in production process of the crystalline silicon solar battery power, effectively use the valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery store electricity, super bright LED as light source of lamps and lanterns, solar kylin light is controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging control apparatus, when making use of can be used to instead of the traditional public power lighting lamps.

Solar Kylin light energy lamp lighting system can effectively guarantee the wet weather more than 15 days to work properly, its system composition consists of LED lights, solar panels, battery, solar street light controller, street light light pole and accessories wire and so on several parts.

In general, the battery components of solar kylin light will choose single crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell components, LED lamp head is generally used for high power LED light source; Controller is usually placed in a light pole, relating to, the control, overcharge, discharge protection and reverse connect protection, the more advanced controller have the four seasons adjust the lighting time, half power, intelligent charge and discharge functions, etc.

Solar Kylin light in its batteries in general will be placed in the underground, or there will be a special battery incubator, could be used in the using process of valve control type lead acid battery, iron and aluminum battery, gel battery, solar lamps and lanterns is automatic work, don't need a trench wiring, but light pole need device in embedded parts.

Solar Kylin light luminous efficiency, small power consumption, long service life, low working temperature, very safe and reliable in use, the entire device response speed, for use in the process of the unit of small volume, very green.