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Surface treatment process of vertical axis wind turbine tower

Dec 10, 2018

Vertical axis wind turbines require high tower wind speeds because they need to obtain high wind speeds. The tower material has different standards according to the power of the vertical axis wind turbine. The small vertical axis wind turbine generally adopts a small galvanized pipe, mainly because the head of the small wind turbine is light in weight, the GB can already be carried, and the equipment is reduced. cost.


Larger domestic vertical axis wind turbines can be used with threaded tubes, with wire ropes, or fully loaded. If the installation space is small, consider using a cone-shaped independent rod with a slightly higher cost; for large vertical axis wind turbines The towers are large steel pipes treated with special anti-corrosion technology, and the surface is sandblasted or shot blasted.


Since the vertical axis wind turbine is installed outdoors, the rust prevention performance of the tower should be considered, and the process of the tower is slightly different depending on the cost. At present, small wind turbines in the domestic market have lower investment costs than megawatt wind turbines, and multiple units operate at the same time to avoid equipment failure affecting electricity consumption, and are suitable for different regions and different wind speed conditions. Compared with megawatt fans, it has a wide range of wind speeds and few restrictions, so it is very popular.www.titanwindturbine.com