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Summarize the points of attention in the use of wind driven generator

Jun 28, 2017

Since the new energy has been widely used, the wind turbine has also been a wide range of promotion, but also get a good use of results. Of course, the use of wind turbines to achieve the desired effect of energy, in addition to the quality of the equipment itself to be perfect, the equipment installed in place, its use can not be sloppy.

In addition to operating in strict accordance with the norms of wind turbines, but also pay more attention to some of the details, such as once the wind turbine is not working properly, there is jitter or abnormal sound, you must immediately stop the inspection, so as to avoid serious problems.

When the wind turbine generator wheel in the high-speed rotation of the time, the wind wheel rotation plane direction prohibits the station and other work to prevent the leaves flying out of the wounds. There are batteries, as the equipment of the energy storage device, be sure to keep dry and clean, do not put metal objects on top of it to prevent short circuit caused by the battery.


At the same time also note that the fan generator can not be negative in the electrical box grounding and single with the inverter do not put together to avoid short circuit. As the wind turbine generator on the line of the tight line after the case will automatically loosen the wind, the adjustment can be used to lock the wire, so after each gale, do not forget to check whether the cable is loose and promptly ruled out.

For safety reasons, wind turbines should be routed separately and can not be mixed with other lines. And use different, the configuration of the power supply is also different, such as lighting with DC power supply, household appliances can use the inverter output AC power.

There is also on the fan generator electrical box wiring, requiring the first to connect the battery and then connect the motor output line, the decomposition is the opposite, the first decomposition of the generator output line and then disconnect the battery wiring. And its shutdown switch is usually in the boot position, to operate correctly.