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Structure and advantages of dual-duct vertical axis wind turbines for household use

Apr 06, 2019

The double-ducted vertical-axis wind turbines are used in the structure, including: outer ducts, intrinsic ducts, butterfly valve cabins, impeller tanks, pressure chambers, generator cabins, connotation channel deflectors, and outer duct deflectors. The dual-duct vertical axis wind turbine family uses the outer duct and the intrinsic road to acquire and absorb wind energy, and then the wind energy is converted into mechanical energy by the impeller chamber internal equipment impeller.


Then, the generator energy is converted into electric energy by the generator of the generator cabin equipment, and the pressure chamber and the butterfly valve cabin are used to control the size of the start-stop and output load of the dual-duct vertical axis wind turbine household, and the inflow duct and the outer duct guide. The board is mainly used to divide the airflow from all directions.


Compared with some other vertical-axis wind turbines, this equipment has a simple structure, no yaw system, bladeless pitch system, low construction cost and low maintenance cost, which can greatly reduce the cost of wind turbine generators. It is favored by more and more users.www.titanwindturbine.com