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Step for ceiling fans converted into vertical axis wind turbine generator

Aug 07, 2017

Sometimes,we admire person’s practical ability. They can convert a bad ceiling fan into a simple vertical axis wind turbine that can work normally. How does it happen ? What steps does the vertical axis wind turbines go through?

First, remove the shell of the fan, only keep the four wires between the motor and the retention, then remove the shell of the motor. You will find the internal layer has two coils, for it is not a permanent magnet, one layer sets up a magnetic field. 

Remove the motor internal silicon steel sheets. A magnet is placed between the coil and shell. The specific approach is that divide into 16 equal parts evenly around the motor shell, then stick strong magnet on the shell , play the magnet polarity alternately arrangement

After that, take out the movement. Please look at the video.

The glue is completely cured and take the aluminum foil away. Paint the shell for rust proof. Then put they together. If revolve the shell, The magnet moves relative to the coil to generate current, then a generator appears.