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Speed control mechanism and speed control method of 2000 w small wind generator

Jul 24, 2018

As the wind in nature has unstable and pulsating parts, when the wind speed is large, it is small, and sometimes there are strong winds and storms. In addition, the speed of the vane wheel of a small wind generator of 2000 w changes with the change of the wind speed.

As a result, the centrifugal force generated on the blades of a small wind turbine of 2000 w will increase rapidly, resulting in damage to the impeller. In addition, as the wind speed increases and the speed of the impeller increases, the output power of the wind turbine will inevitably increase, while the overload capacity of the rotor coil and other electronic components of the wind turbine has a certain limit and cannot be increased at will.

Therefore, if a small wind generator of 2000 w needs to have a stable power output, it must set up a speed regulating mechanism. For models like the 2000w small wind turbine, there are usually three kinds of speed regulation methods available. Blade side deviation speed regulation method; Air brake speed control method, respectively applicable to different environmental occasions.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/