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Solar outdoor lamp power supply mode and its function refinement

Mar 15, 2018

Solar outdoor lighting is a type of lighting that uses sunlight as its energy source. It has positive significance for alleviating conventional energy shortages. Solar outdoor lights are used during the day to charge at night, without the need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying, and can be used to freely adjust the layout of the lamps. It is safe, energy-saving and non-polluting. It requires no manual operation, is stable, safe, reliable, and saves electricity and maintenance-free.


During the daytime, under the light conditions, the battery panels inside the solar outdoor lights receive solar radiation energy and convert them into electrical energy output, and are stored in the storage battery through the charge and discharge controller. At night, when the sun's illuminance gradually decreases, the battery automatically discharges the lamp, and the solar outdoor lamp automatically lights up.


Under normal circumstances, after the battery in the solar outdoor lamp is discharged for 8 hours, the charge and discharge controller operates, the battery discharge ends, and the solar outdoor lamp automatically extinguishes. It can be seen that the main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the storage battery from the electrical energy converted from light energy.


Before the solar outdoor lights are mainly used for park green or residential gardens, occasionally used in private gardens, used in different occasions, its design style is also different. In contrast, parks, municipal plazas, and residential green spaces have high requirements for the height of solar outdoor lights and have high brightness. However, they have lower requirements for the appearance and light color of lamps.


For home gardens, the design of solar outdoor lighting is different in appearance, brightness, material, and light color. From the aspect of appearance, it is necessary to provide different appearances according to the needs of customers, providing European, American, Japanese and other appearances. Materials, high-end solar outdoor lights generally use metal materials. Smaller solar outdoor lights can be used, stainless steel and other materials.http://www.titanwindturbine.com