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Solar garden lights are better than average solar energy

Dec 23, 2017

Solar garden lamp is another kind of typical solar energy product, because it does not consume conventional energy, it shows energy saving and environmental protection. And because of the unique control mode, solar garden light can be automatically lit by night, extinguishing during the day, and converting sunlight into energy storage, which is convenient to use.

That's because solar garden lights can use solar panels to absorb solar energy during the day and convert it to electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. Then the solar garden lights will automatically turn on when the color is dark. As the morning gets brighter, the solar garden lights will automatically close and start charging.

The solar garden lamp is designed to meet the requirements of non-cadmium, mercury-free, lead-free and, in addition, green energy, so it is absolutely pollution-free. Solar garden lamps work longer hours and can reach up to eight hours a day compared with typical solar lanterns, so they can be reduced to a certain extent.

Solar garden lamp adopts the highest efficiency line design, not only need to draw the line, but also safe and reliable, mobile convenient, easy to put. As its main component, LED light emitting diode, it can reach 100,000 working hours and more durable.

With these characteristics and advantages, solar garden lamp has become our household, municipal, decoration first choice, not only beautiful fashion, but also economic and durable, the key is in the lighting effect at the same time also can achieve energy saving, saving target.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/