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Small wind turbines provide power to appliances under the wind

Oct 27, 2018

Small wind turbines can be rotated by the wind, and the wind wheel is turned to convert the aerodynamic energy into mechanical energy. The wheel hub of the wind wheel is fixed on the generator shaft, and the rotation of the wind wheel drives the rotation of the generator shaft to drive the three-phase alternating current of the permanent magnet three-phase generator. As the wind speed constantly changes, the current and voltage generated by the small wind turbine also change, but after the controller rectifies, the alternating current becomes a direct current with a certain voltage, and charges the battery. The DC power output from the battery pack is converted into 220V AC power through the inverter to supply the user's home appliance.


Small wind turbines are divided into grid-connected and off-grid wind turbines according to different applications. Off-grid wind turbines are wind turbines used in non-grid areas. Generally, the power needs to be shared with batteries and other control devices. The wind turbine power generation system is composed of independent operation.


As a component of rural energy, small wind turbines will play an active role in improving the structure of electricity, especially in the production and living energy of remote mountainous areas, and promoting the development of ecological environment construction. Therefore, it has a broad market. prospect. Simplifying the structure of small wind power generation systems, reducing costs, improving reliability and achieving optimal operation of the system are of great significance for the promotion of small wind power generation systems.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/