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Small wind turbine market potential analysis and slip ring price

Nov 02, 2017

Small wind turbines, it from a professional point of view, it contains the knowledge of the content, is very much, and you can see, it is mainly used for power generation, to convert wind energy into electricity, and, for subsequent use or use directly. , are based on the above, the understanding, then, will be on this basis, to continue their study work, deepen everyone about it.

1. Small wind turbines, the market potential?

The market potential of small wind turbines, for the moment, so to speak, its market potential is very large, because it is for the development of renewable energy, as well as a new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, therefore, will have the conclusion. And, predictably, small wind turbines in the future development prospects, is very good.

2. Small wind turbine rated speed, is how much? And, how to determine its transmission efficiency?

Small wind turbine rated speed, which is used by the wind turbine drive, to decide. If so, its drive is different, so, there is a different rated speed. Therefore, the problem a bad answer. As for, how to determine its transmission efficiency, mainly is to look at the power and the two small wind turbine type, because of, is up to them to decide.

3. Small wind turbines, the slip ring has a variety of specifications? How about the price of it?

Small wind turbines, the slip ring is a variety of specifications. However, whatever the specifications, the basic requirements, are the same, small volume, long service life, and, to large current stable transmission. In addition, on the function of the slip ring, if necessary, can be appropriately increased, such as have the waterproof function, in this way, can be used to meet different needs.

Small wind turbines in the price of the slip ring, through the above elaboration, we can know is that it is a different specifications, and its each kind of specification, there is a corresponding price, so, want to know the specific price, first of all, is to know the specific specifications, so, to be able to do the work for slip ring quotation.