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Slurry adjustment method for small wind turbines

Jan 04, 2019

Small wind turbines capture wind energy through the impeller, converting wind energy into mechanical torque acting on the hub. The variable distance adjustment method is to change the angle between the windward surface of the blade and the longitudinal rotation axis, thereby affecting the force and resistance of the blade, limiting the increase of the output power of the wind turbine during high wind, and keeping the output power constant.


With the variable pitch adjustment mode, the power output curve of the small wind turbine is smooth. When the rated wind speed is below, the controller places the blade angle of attack near zero degrees, and does not change, which is equivalent to the fixed pitch adjustment. When the rated wind speed is above, the variable pitch control structure acts to adjust the blade angle of attack and control the output power near the rated value. The starting speed of the variable pitch wind turbine is lower than that of the fixed pitch wind turbine, and the transmission impact stress is relatively moderate during the shutdown.


In normal operation, power control is mainly used. In practical applications, the power is proportional to the cube of the wind speed. Smaller wind speed changes can cause large wind energy changes. Since the pitch-adjusting wind turbine is subjected to much less impact than other wind turbines, material usage can be reduced and overall weight can be reduced.


Moreover, the variable-distance-regulated small-sized wind turbine can maintain a good angle of attack for the blade at a low wind speed, and has a better energy output than the stall-regulated wind turbine, so it is more suitable for installation in an area with a lower average wind speed. In addition, when the wind speed reaches a certain value, the stall type wind turbine must be stopped, and the variable-distance wind turbine can be gradually changed to a blade-free full-wing deployment mode position, avoiding downtime and increasing the wind turbine power generation.www.titanwindturbine.com