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Slide type fan blade system for vertical wind turbine

Oct 16, 2018

The vertical wind turbine adopts the slide type fan blade system, mainly because the traditional three-blade wind turbine generator does not have the wind collecting and protection system, the wind utilization rate is low, the wind turbine is bulky, and the wind blade is long. The existence of problems such as difficulty and vulnerability must be solved through corresponding improvements.


The slide type fan blade system of the vertical wind turbine is a single-layer fan blade system, including a composite shaft, two shaft blades connecting flanges, three single blades, three blade pulleys, and wind. The leaf ring slide and the two triangular blade brackets are formed.


Two shaft-blade connecting flanges are mounted on the composite shaft, three single blades are connected between the two shaft flanges, and three single blades are wound around the composite Around the crankshaft, two adjacent individual blades are arranged at an angle of 120 degrees.


The upper ends of the three individual blades of the vertical wind turbine are fixedly connected by a triangular blade holder, and the lower ends of the three single blades are fixedly connected by another triangular blade holder, each of the individual blades A wind vane pulley is installed at the lower end, and the air vane annular slide is fixedly mounted on the frame beam of the vertical wind power generator, and the vane pulley slides on the air vane annular slide.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/