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Simple and practical 100 w wind turbine specific use

Jun 12, 2018

100 w is also a kind of wind power equipment, wind power generator is it is it only the power of small, but it can also converts wind energy into mechanical work, mechanical work to drive the rotor rotation, the final output of alternating current (ac); And the structure of the wind wheel, generator, direction regulator, tower, speed limit safety mechanism and energy storage devices as many components.

100 w working principle of wind turbines is relatively simple, when the wind turbines in wind rotation occurs, it is the wind's kinetic energy into mechanical energy of the wind wheel shaft, and the generator under the drive of the wind wheel rotating power, to meet the basic demand.

The 100 w wind turbine is very small and portable as a mini wind turbine, so it is suitable for outdoor emergency use, such as mobile phone charging or temporary lighting. 100 w wind turbines can not only generate electricity but also store the rest, solving many problems.

100 w wind turbines generate 100 w power, and the stored power can be used to charge mobile phones 6-8 times. It can generate electricity at low wind speeds of four miles per hour, and the faster the wind blows, the faster the power is stored. If connected to a control software, users can also view the power generation and switching control of 100 w wind turbines in real time.

If make a few adjustments on the structure of the equipment, make up 100 w spiral wind turbine, its internal special structure design makes it can minimize the rotation resistance between parts, lightweight body wind power conversion rate is as high as 80%, and the noise is very small. In a windless environment, its power generation efficiency will not decline much.

00 w the appearance of a wind turbine let's change to the mistake of only large-scale wind power equipment, unexpectedly small wind turbines also have such a big advantage and purposes, with its characteristics can be applied in more and more. http://www.titanwindturbine.com/