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Similarities and differences between wind turbines and solar cells

Aug 12, 2017

They can both provide power for an electrical equipment off-grid, which can compensate for the shortage of power lines and save energy.

Besizes same function, compared the cost of the wind turbine with solar cells ,it will be cheaper, and power can also be relatively large. Therefore, in some places where the power requirements are relatively large, so we should give priority to the wind power generator, and the proportion of the power of the power generator is appropriately increased.

Compared with solar cells, one of the advantages of small wind turbines is that they can be used in areas where wind power is good. Of course, the two can also be used in combination. As long as the power ratio between the solar energy and the wind energy is reasonably formulated for different environments, the cost can also be reduced.

The wind generator can capture all blowing from the direction of the wind, and quietly through the rotation, and transformed into high quality wind. Among them, the typical application is through different design, combined with solar energy, LED street lamps and other accessories for heating or lighting.

In principle, as long as there is application, the wind generator can be installed, and provide wind power resources.