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Selection of Output Power Related Factors and Pulling Table of Small Wind Turbine Generator

Sep 16, 2017

Small wind turbines are familiar with and understand the following will be used in the form of question and answer to start and carry out, because this can ensure that we have a good learning effect, but also can grasp the article involved in the knowledge content, and then , In this kind of wind turbine familiarity, has been deepened.

1. For small wind turbines, the output power, mainly related to what?

Small wind turbines, whose output power, in general, is mainly related to the power required for its load. For example, the load power requirement is 1000W, and, knowing that the total efficiency of small wind turbines and inverters is 50%, then the wind turbines need to continuously provide 2000W of output power, so that the load can be used to reach Load requirements.

2. In small wind turbines, direct and indirect drive, their main difference, what is it?

In small wind turbines, the drive can be referred to as direct drive, indirect drive can be called semi-direct drive, which is two different drive, the difference between them, mainly in the gear box, and some Words, is for indirect drive, no is directly driven. As for how to choose, mainly to see the actual situation and requirements, it is decided.

3. Small wind turbine, the choice of pull the plate, what are the notes? In addition, the dynamic balance of the leaves, how to carry out?

Small wind turbines, the choice of its pull, the main thing is to see whether its power is consistent with the wind turbine power, as for the other, then nothing. As for the dynamic balance of the blade, it is carried out by means of a dynamic balancing test frame, and it can be adjusted in time and automatically, so that its operation is very simple.