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Selection of installation location of small household wind turbines

Jul 27, 2018

The location of the installation and the surrounding environment are important for the generation and safe operation of small household wind turbines. However, as a good installation site, it should meet the two basic requirements of high average wind speed and weak turbulence.

Under normal circumstances, the higher the average wind speed in the environment, the greater the output power and power of small household wind turbines. And the energy of the wind is proportional to the cubic square of the wind speed, which means that the wind speed of 5m/s is about twice the wind speed of 4m/s.

If small home wind turbines installed air flow is not smooth, severe turbulence of the location, the equipment has the destructive power of big, bad for small wind turbines for the safe operation, and turbulent flow will greatly reduce the electricity, so the requirements of the selected location should keep the air flow smoothly, it is also required small domestic wind turbine tower as high as possible, because the higher off the ground, wind speed, the greater the flow more smoothly.

In flat areas, the recommended installation height of small household wind turbines is no less than 8m. Trees and buildings will pose obstacles to the airflow. The airflow will form a slow and turbulent area in the front and rear of these obstacles, and the fan should be avoided. Tower height should be at least 2m higher than the highest obstacle within 100m.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/