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Repair and maintenance of small wind turbines

Apr 30, 2019

Small wind turbines have been rapidly promoted in areas far from the grid or in power shortages. At present, the majority of users feel that they lack the knowledge of maintenance and maintenance of the unit. Here, I will introduce it to you. Small wind turbines include wind wheels, steering gear, generators, batteries, charge and discharge controllers, towers and other accessories. Maintenance of the unit can be divided into primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance.


Small wind turbines are quick to eliminate the discovered faults and replace or repair some damaged parts quickly and in a timely manner, which is an extremely important part of extending the service life of the unit. The second guarantee of a small wind turbine is that the unit is operated for about one year. It is necessary to disassemble the blades, steering devices and other components to clean the putty. If the parts are damaged, replace or repair, and seal the bearings and the moving parts. Add an appropriate amount of calcium-based lubricant.


The three guarantees of a small wind turbine refer to the operation of the unit for three to five years. A comprehensive inspection is required to protect the parts. If the parts are damaged, they must be replaced or repaired. This well-maintenance system ensures that small wind turbines are always in good operating condition.www.titanwindturbine.com