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Reasons for slow rotor speed of small wind turbines

Jan 11, 2019

The thermal power generator is the origin of China's generators. However, due to the fact that charcoal will produce a lot of gas and pollute the environment, the generators will start to develop into mechanical power generation, diesel power generation and wind power generation. The wind turbines of small wind turbines rotate in the sky and the green energy generation methods add to the endless charm of wind power generation.


Each small wind turbine consists of towers and blades. The current generated by the fan is high and low, but the voltage is always stable. The power generated by the fan is boosted in the tower, which is transmitted and sent to the booster station of the wind farm for boosting and delivery to the grid.


Usually we will see that the blades of small wind turbines turn very slowly, but they can generate electricity. That is because if the blades are too high, they are more susceptible to external environmental disturbances. Well, so the speed of the small wind turbines does not need to be very fast.www.titanwindturbine.com