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Reasonable matching of electric appliances for 100w small wind generator.

Apr 28, 2018

In addition to 100 w small wind turbine's own quality, it used appliances match is also a can ignore the content of the set, matching with electric equipment should also be in accordance with the battery and 100 w small wind turbine matching principle. In other words, the energy used in the selection of electrical appliances matches the energy output from the 100w small wind generator.

It should be noted, however, that the matching index here emphasizes energy, not power. Choose when using electrical appliances, but also must pay attention to the requirements of the voltage system, at present, 100 w small wind turbines on the distribution box is equipped with 12 v, 24 v, and the TV special socket, user when used for electrical appliances required voltage value to choose the corresponding socket, the TV should be inserted in the socket of the TV.

It is then powered by a battery to the appliance, because the electricity generated by the 100w small wind generator is stored in the battery first. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously consider the reasonable matching between the power of 100w small wind turbine and the storage capacity of the battery and the storage capacity of the static wind.

At present, small wind generators and battery capacity are usually matched according to the input and output, or the input is greater than the output. Normally, a 100w small wind generator matches a 120Ah battery, or 60Ah2.

If it is a 200W small wind generator, it should match the 120-180ah battery; 300W wind generator matching 240Ah storage; 750W wind generator matching 240Ah battery; 1000W wind generator matching 360Ah battery.

In short, the larger the power of a small wind turbine, the larger the matching battery capacity. It is proved by practice that if the matched battery capacity does not meet the requirements of the wind generator. The power of a wind generator does not guarantee a timely supply of electricity to the battery.

If the battery capacity of 100w small wind generator is too large, the battery is often in a loss state, and the service life of the battery is shortened. In addition, the storage battery capacity is large, the price and the use cost increase, also causes unnecessary waste to the economy.

If the battery capacity of 100w small wind generator is over an hour, the battery will often be in charge state. If the wind generator is stopped due to abundant electricity, the working efficiency of the fan will be seriously affected. The temporary overcharging of the battery will cause the battery to be damaged in the early stage and shorten the service life.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/