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2000 w wind turbines can be divided into upwind and downwind

Jan 10, 2019

According to the relatively unknown wind-wind wheel-tower, the 2000 w wind turbine can be divided into upwind type and downwind type according to the windward mode of the wind wheel. The wind wheel is installed in the upper wind, that is, the wind turbine of the wind generator always faces the direction of the wind, and the wind wheel is in front of the tower, which is called the upwind type wind power generator.


The wind wheel is installed in the downwind position of the tower, and the wind first passes through the tower and then through the wind wheel), that is, the rotor of the wind power generator is always opposite to the wind direction, and the wind turbine is further called the "back" of the tower. Downwind type wind turbine. The windward wind turbine must have some kind of steering device to keep the wind wheel facing the wind, and the downwind wind turbine can automatically align the wind direction, thus eliminating the steering device.


However, for the downwind type 2000 w wind turbine, since a part of the air passes through the tower and then blows to the wind wheel, the tower interferes with the airflow flowing through the blade, forming a so-called tower shadow effect, which reduces the performance of the wind turbine. Upwind wind turbines may be converted to downwind wind turbines when the yaw system (mechanism) fails.