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Reasonable configuration of 1000 w wind turbine system

Jan 09, 2019

1000 w wind turbine should connect the fan to the controller before erecting the tower, and press the stop switch on the controller to stop the fan. After the tower is installed vertically, it is determined that the controller and the battery have been reliably connected before starting the machine. Note that operating the fan without a battery may cause damage to the controller.


For customers who need AC power, they should be equipped with 220 (or 110) 50hz or (60hz) control and inverter devices according to local voltage standards. When configuring the battery for a 1000 w wind turbine, consider the function of the generator; and the negative pole of the battery pack should be well grounded.


Because the 1000 w wind turbine has low starting torque, its starting wind speed is low; because our motor is aluminum cast, once formed, our stator is cold rolled silicon steel sheet. The iron loss is low and the thickness is very thin, so the generator is lighter in weight; while the tail material of the 1000 w wind turbine is engineering plastic, the strength is high, and it is treated with ribs and has the function of resisting typhoon.


The motor interface of the 1000 w wind turbine is also treated with ribs for high safety performance. The one-time cast carbon brush we use can effectively reduce the carbon brush contact resistance. The companion controller features constant voltage charging, electronic and manual brakes, and a digital tube panel display.www.titanwindturbine.com