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Range and characteristics of household vertical wind turbines

Oct 18, 2018

The household vertical wind turbine belongs to the micro vertical axis wind turbine. It is characterized by small size and light weight, and the diameter of the rotor is only 30cm. Because the home vertical wind turbine uses a unique mute setting, it can be safely installed anywhere.


Moreover, the durability of the household vertical wind power generator is also very good, and when it is connected with a solar battery or the like, the efficiency is higher; and the corresponding electric power with a capacitor, a rechargeable battery, or the like is possible. Household vertical wind turbines can generate electricity at wind speeds of 10 m/s, and can supply power to loads with low power consumption. That is enough to drive the application of various LED lights and the use of sensors. It is convenient to use the generator in areas where power is difficult to access, and it can be used as a small power source or an emergency power source.


At present, household vertical wind turbines can not only meet the power supply of garden decoration lights, night lights, etc. in private gardens; It can also play an important role in the field and the lighting of road signs.https://www.titanwindturbine.com/