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Product features of 300 w wind turbines

Nov 01, 2018

The 300 w wind turbine exhibits intelligent and modular design, simple structure and powerful functions. At the same time, it has perfect protection function, which makes the system more reliable. 300 w wind turbine can transfer excess electric energy. Released to the unloader to place the battery in a charged state.


In order to ensure the normal stability of the 300 W wind turbine, the battery is overcharged, over-discharged, and safely charged. It can repair the battery during charging and greatly extend the battery life. In addition, there is a unique fan/control. The device protects the components and makes the fan and controller operate safer, especially to avoid damage caused by human factors.


300 w wind turbines can provide wind turbines for household, small community, small microwave communication stations, and other power supply systems. The advanced computer integrated circuits are used to automatically control the wind turbine system, which can be reliable in various harsh climates. automatic running.


We select the blade material for the 300 w wind turbine to be reinforced FRP material, which has the hardness of glass, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and steel hard and brittle. The unit is super waterproof and corrosion resistant, which can isolate wind, rain or any other things from erosion or pollution, prolong service life, reduce maintenance requirements and reduce maintenance costs.https://www.titanwindturbine.com/