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Problems to Consider When Installing and Installing a Small Home Wind Generator

Mar 17, 2018

In solving the problem of electricity consumption for farmers, small household wind turbines have played a vital role and become the first choice for farmers. But what specific issues need to be considered when buying and installing small home wind generators?


When purchasing a small household wind generator, it is first necessary to understand the status of wind energy resources in the place of residence in order to determine whether the local conditions for wind power generation are available for reference when purchasing. At the same time, the power consumption of the wind turbine should be determined in conjunction with the user's comprehensive consideration of power consumption.


Of course, the rational use of batteries and the use of direct-AC inverter power supply are also factors to be considered when purchasing a small household wind generator. Generally, the unit will include the battery when it is sold. The cost of the battery is relatively high. Users should consider it when purchasing the battery. With regard to capacity, the selection of battery capacity and the selection of large batteries will have adverse effects.


When a small-scale home wind generator is installed, the farmer needs to have no barriers around it if it is installed outdoors; the wind conditions are good; the soil is hard; if the above requirements are met, the user's place of residence should be as close as possible to reduce the line loss and save wire.


If a small home wind generator is installed indoors, the layout should be reasonable; the power controller and AC-AC inverter should be placed in an easy-to-observe position; the battery should be placed in a safe place to ensure safety and at the same time Easy to maintain.


In daily use, attention should always be paid to observing the operation of small home wind generators. It is found that abnormal sound and relatively severe vibrations must be timely adjusted and overhauled. Also keep in mind that lubrication should be done every 3 months.http://www.titanwindturbine.com