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Performance Analysis of Vertical Wind Turbine

Sep 02, 2017

Wind power is an environmentally friendly renewable energy power generation, is the current social development of a very important new energy. At present, there are two main types of wind turbines, namely horizontal wind turbines and vertical wind turbines.

From now on, at this stage to use more or the former. But this does not mean that the vertical wind turbine power generation efficiency is not ideal. With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the advantages of the product more and more obvious. So what do you know about the main features of the product?

From the application point of view, in the vertical wind turbine running in the process, it almost does not produce any noise. And the wind wheel in a dozen turn when you can power. About 200 turn when you can reach the rated speed, so no noise. This is very beneficial for the user.

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Permanent Magnet Generator

In addition, the vertical wind turbine also has good adaptability, it can be applied to different work occasions, the general wind speed from 1 to 28 meters per minute running range can be used. In contrast, its speed is relatively small, so the process of running is also relatively safe, and no lubrication, very simple.

More importantly, the vertical wind turbine also has strong wind resistance, so in some cases can still adhere to the normal use. In addition, its operation in the process, the general operating radius is relatively small, so you can save a lot of footprint.

Finally, users use the vertical wind turbine during the maintenance work is more convenient. This is because some of the supporting facilities can be placed directly on the ground, so the maintenance is relatively easy. And will not produce more expensive maintenance costs.

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