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Optimization and improvement of vertical wind turbine structure.

Mar 27, 2018

Vertical wind turbines with many advantages used in various occasions, even some family lighting is vertical wind turbines, it USES is aerodynamics, the vertical shaft rotating wind tunnel simulation of blade chose the plane wing shape, when the wind wheel rotation will not be changed due to deformation efficiency, etc.

Vertical wind generator with a vertical straight line 4-5 of blade Angle from 4 or 5 Angle of locating, connecting, blade wheel hub connecting rod in the shape of wind turbines, the turbine drives the rare earth permanent magnet generator power to the controller to control, used in electric power distribution load.

This is, of course, quite the opposite of the original vertical wind turbine. The earliest vertical wind turbine is a kind of circular curved double blade structure. Due to its small wind area and relatively high start-up wind speed, it has not been developed vigorously.

Today will be vertical wind turbines this Φ type changed to H structure design, this is, of course, and the development of science and technology, especially closely related to the development of computers, as the design of H vertical wind turbines need very large amounts of aerodynamic calculation and digital simulation, adopt the method of artificial calculation need at least several years at a time, and not a calculation can get the right result, so it is only after the computer technology development.

Due to the need of special applications, and in the future two years continuously to improve the products, many areas was a lot of use in this H structure of vertical wind turbines, the scenery complementary system as the main equipment.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/