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Optimal Design of Vertical Wind Turbine Blades and Their Auxiliary Equipment

Oct 12, 2018

Vertical wind turbines use straight blade and triangular double fulcrum design, and the main force points are concentrated on the hub, which solves problems such as blade shedding, fracture and blade flying out; the vertical wind turbine blades have the same angular difference. The circumference is formed so that the purpose of the design is to reduce the pressure on the center support.


In addition, a series of auxiliary equipment such as vertical wind turbine gearbox, gearbox and transmission can be placed on the working platform relatively close to the ground, which reduces the weight of the fan itself and reduces the construction and maintenance of the fan to some extent. Cost, and vertical axis wind turbines can be used for building integration, which is conducive to urban construction.


Vertical wind turbines use horizontal plane rotation and blade application aircraft airfoil principles to reduce noise to levels not measured in the natural environment. Since its blade rotation plane is parallel to the ground, the wind energy can be obtained from various directions. It is not necessary to increase the yaw device as the horizontal axis fan to adjust the direction of receiving wind energy. The overall structure becomes more simple, to a certain extent. The vibration generated by the operation of the fan is reduced, and the reliability is improved.


Because the vertical wind turbine blade's ability to capture wind energy is enhanced, the blade is only subjected to the pressure of the fan and the centrifugal force of the rotating centrifugal force when the blade is rotated by the wind. Therefore, the requirement for the blade material is reduced, and the selected material is more versatile and reduced. The cost of buying the blade. Moreover, as long as the control strategy and the materials of the fan itself are properly selected, the vertical wind turbines use wind energy far more than the horizontal axis fans.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/