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Note the details of the wind driven generator installation instructions that are easy to overlook

Jul 05, 2017

Generally speaking, the wind turbine manufacturer will provide the user with the installation instructions, so that users can install their own wind turbines according to the instructions, is very convenient. But even so, but also once again stressed some of the wind turbine installation process of the precautions to ensure safety and equipment integrity. 

First of all, on the basis of the installation of wind power generators, we must maintain the level, you can use the actual measurement of the level to ensure that the wind turbine tower is installed after the vertical state is maintained, so as to avoid the skew and leave a security risk.

For the use of zipper tower wind turbine, we must pay attention to the cable winding method, be sure to wrap the tower a week after the ground. For safety reasons, do not install equipment in case of excessive wind power, try to choose the weather when the appropriate time to install. 

Wind turbine installation process, it should be its three output lines in parallel, the reason why the requirements are mainly to prevent the installation of wind turbines in the process of operation, then the consequences will be disastrous. After the installation is complete, connect the controller should be connected to the controller and the battery connection, and then connect the wind turbine, to avoid excessive current burnout controller.

In case the wind turbine is equipped with an inverter, the inverter should draw the cable from the battery terminal and do not connect directly to the battery and the controller line to avoid burning the inverter. Wind turbines for the first time in the controller display battery power is full of electricity, to avoid damage caused by battery damage and affect the use of its late effects and service life.