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New working mode of small wind turbines

Dec 28, 2018

The traditional small horizontal axis wind turbine needs to rely on tail tail folding or yaw to reduce the speed of the wind turbine when the wind speed is high, and to regulate and protect the wind power generator. However, in the practical application of the traditional tail-type horizontal-axis wind turbine, the rudder shaft and the bushing will have different degrees of wear, which will affect the working point of the rudder. The important one will also make the rudder lose its function and burn in the wind. Generator, causing serious damage.


After a long period of accurate research and practice verification, a new working mode tail structure has been designed for small wind turbines. As we all know, the working principle of the empennage comes from aerodynamics. In simple terms, the impeller of a small wind turbine is rotated by the wind, and a vortex pressure is formed at the rear of the impeller. The pressure of the rudder plate is automatically rotated according to the pressure, reducing The impeller windward area reduces the wind force through the impeller, and the impeller speed automatically reaches a reasonable speed, keeping the impeller and generator at a good speed to ensure that the generator operates in a high efficiency state.


The small wind turbine of this structure is a small-type wind turbine with a rotating shaft type rudder, which can be completely sealed. The internal standard bearing is adopted, and the sealing ports of each component are waterproof sealing ring to completely seal the dust, water and salt spray. prevent. The control principle of the rudder is the gravity of the earth, and the control of the working point will not be affected by factors such as time and wear. It is not easy to change the working point and greatly improve the reliability.www.titanwindturbine.com