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New vertical wind turbines are different from vintage products

Jan 01, 2019

The earliest vertical wind turbine was a kind of circular-shaped double-blade structure. Due to its small wind receiving area, the corresponding starting wind speed was high and it has not been developed. Later, in addition to a new type of vertical wind turbine, the efficiency of the H-type vertical-axis wind turbine was found to be 145% of the horizontal-axis wind turbine.


This vertical wind turbine adopts the principle of air tunnel mechanics. For the wind tunnel simulation of vertical axis rotation, the blade adopts the shape of the aircraft wing. When the wind wheel rotates, it will not be affected by the deformation and change efficiency; it uses vertical line 4-5 blades, a wind wheel consisting of a 4-angle or 5-angular shaped wheel hub and connecting rod connecting rods. The wind wheel drives the rare earth permanent magnet generator to generate power and send it to the controller for control. Electrical energy.


According to the air strip theory, the actual calculation can select the section of the vertical fan rotation axis to calculate the model. According to the actual size of the blade, the rotation axis distance of each blade is N meters. The CFD technology is used to calculate the simulated aerodynamic coefficient. The calculation principle is discrete. The digital method is used to solve the aerodynamic force of the airfoil section. The flow vorticity distribution of Reynolds number is compared by grid method to form the principle of numerical simulation of the Navier-Stokes equation under high Reynolds number. The principle of generating electricity by rare earth permanent magnet material, the wind wheel supporting the principle of air tunnel mechanics, and the direct drive structure for rotary power generation.www.titanwindturbine.com