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New development status of vertical wind turbine fasteners

Apr 10, 2019

Vertical wind turbines have a huge real market and broad market prospects, so the fasteners they have matched have a longer-term development. Most of the components have been localized, making the domestic vertical wind turbines more obvious. Cost advantage.


Vertical wind turbines operate at high altitudes in the field, with large changes in temperature, humidity and load, and are subject to impact loads and overturning moments. At least 10 years of service life and high reliability are required for fasteners. Faced with this situation, R&D and application of fastener reliability design, reliability manufacturing and reliability meet requirements, with powerful design data, test data, test data and empirical data to make vertical wind turbine fasteners Life and reliability give users peace of mind.


Vertical wind turbine technology is also increasing as the vertical capacity of vertical wind turbines continues to increase and wind farms develop from land to offshore. Fastener companies must develop and synchronize with the host enterprise, even ahead of the supporting fasteners. In addition, vertical wind turbines are mostly general-purpose fasteners, some of which have to be developed as special fasteners, which is a trend.