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Maintenance regulations and establishment systems for wind turbines

Wind power generators are in the external environment after they were installed, besides withstand various difficulties, there are lightnings, hail and wind blown sand, which fully confirmed the wind-driven generator working conditions is bad. Since we can't change the environment, we can only use the equipment properly and maintain it. 

As wind turbine users and managers, you need to master the related professional technology of wind turbines, skillfully learning construction and the usage and maintenance method.

As far as possible to establish a standard daily maintenance system of wind turbines, that is, parts of the examination and management of the wind power generator. When the wind turbines require regular maintenance, managers and relevant technicians should better to attend, not only can understand the fan usage, but also you can find problems, to adhere to the use and maintenance of the organic combination.

It is strictly prohibited to let the wind turbine work in spite of illness and in overload operation condition, and the original design device of the wind power generator can not be altered without authorization. In addition, to establish the technical file system, usage and technology of wind power generator and battery should be documented. Improve the product quality and structure is significant.

The usage and maintenance of the wind turbine generator can be divided into two parts, one is the maintenance of the wind turbine itself, and the other is the maintenance of the storage battery. Since these are two separate items, according to different requirements to set down rules for the use and maintenance.