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Maintenance of small wind turbines in operation is required

Jul 19, 2018

During the operation of a small wind generator, it is important to observe whether the wind turbine wheel is running normally. For the variable pitch speed regulating wind wheel should often check whether the speed regulating screw slot position is consistent, investigate whether the action is flexible; Always check whether the anchor is firm and the steel wire rope clamp is firm; Always check whether each wire rope is tensioned or not, adjust the cable screw when necessary, tighten or relax.

Secondly, it is necessary to lubricate the main working parts of the small wind turbine with rotating body regularly, such as wind wheel, generator, tail fin, etc., so as to keep the tail rotor turning flexibly in the downwind and make the wind wheel face the wind. General fan work half a year to a year should be the rotary body open, and scrub clean, good lubricating oil.

Maintenance of small wind turbines, need to get off generator, front and back end cover with a screwdriver, gently pry the attention should not be rotating remove or against open, so as not to damage the generator internal wiring or rectifier device, front and back end cover off after wash clean with gasoline, again good lubricating oil, and put back according to the requirements of the front and back end cover.

Small wind generators, due to the slip ring keeps turning, and carbon brush carbon brush on the fixed to the column frame positioning, and through the spring tightly with the copper in the slip ring ring, pressure often in rotary friction and the nature sand. Therefore, every six months or a year should be checked and maintained. When maintaining, remove the carbon brush, check for wear and replace if necessary. Clean the dust inside the outer ring with a brush and then reinstall it.