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Maintenance of small wind turbine for home

Apr 02, 2019

Small wind turbine for home also need to be well maintained during use. First of all, they should work frequently. Observing the turbine operation usually does not work well. Frequently check whether there is a fixed wire rope or cable and should check regularly for each cable to ensure its integrity. .


The small turbine of a small domestic wind turbine acts as a wheel, generator, and the main part of the tail, which is placed on the rotating sleeve and top of the column. This part requires not only regular cleaning but also lubrication with a suitable lubricating oil. The variable pitch of small wind turbine for home is also regularly checked and maintained, and the sensitivity is maintained due to the variable nature of the turbine rotor.


The maintenance of small wind turbine for home also includes the tail and slip rings, which are cleaned and returned to their original position if there is dust. A small household wind turbine transmission line is generally a generator that is divided into two parts: the upper and lower connectors at the upper and television production lines will come out of the lower section. Voltage and carbon brush, if necessary, wash the dust and put it back in its original position.www.titanwindturbine.com