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Main points of floor construction management of solar cell production workshop

Dec 12, 2017

Due to the particularity of production, in the process of establishing the solar cell production workshop, the requirements on all aspects are also strict. In the process of floor construction, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to.

Under normal circumstances, in order to guarantee the normal production, the space occupied by the solar cell production workshop area is often larger, thus floor area is big, and the floor construction quality is also very important. Due to the equipment used in the production line is more, and expensive, if there is an area in sinking result in equipment failure or damage, it may be a floor to the construction cost by several times.

In addition, the requirements for cleanliness in solar cell production workshop is strict, so if because the construction problems and lead to rework, so may cause a lot of trouble, caused by the loss is incalculable. So be sure to step up protection against contamination. So, in actual construction, what are the key issues that need our special attention?

According to the actual work experience, in the construction process of the solar cell production workshop, the construction quality of the construction ground project of gb50209-2002 should be strictly followed. The main contents include: 1. The earth backfill soil should be layered and compacted, and the backfill soil used should belong to the optimal water content. 2. If it is an important project or large area backfill, the soil sample should be tested to determine the optimal water content and the corresponding maximum dry density.

In addition, before the construction of the epoxy mortar, it is important to ensure the flatness of the front floor of the floor of the solar cell production workshop. Not only to polish off the putty, but also to keep the site clean. Therefore, the construction of epoxy slurry should be strictly complied with the requirements of the construction, and the ratio of each layer should be accurate. And wait until the last layer is fully dry before moving on to the next process.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/