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Magnetizing permanent magnet generator requirements and basic conditions

Mar 08, 2018

In general, different uses of permanent magnet generator require different performance, different performance depends on the internal electromagnetic structure parameters of the motor. For the permanent magnet generator of the magnetic parameters, you must require a different air gap magnetic field distribution shape.


For example, a permanent magnet generator driven by a pure output is required to have higher output power and efficiency. Therefore, the air gap magnetic field distribution in such a motor should adopt a flat top wave equal to or slightly larger than 2/3 of the polar distance Provide as large a magnetic flux, the motor has a larger electromagnetic torque.


There are some for small vibration, low noise, spark small, but less demanding in the output power and efficiency of the permanent magnet generator, then its internal air gap magnetic field distribution should be less than 1 / Sine wave, to ensure the suitability of this type of motor.


Therefore, in order to obtain the air-gap magnetic field waveform with different distribution shapes, it is not only related to the rational design of the magnetic structure shape and the magnetic orientation of the selected magnet, but also to the magnetization method of the magnet, that is, the magnetizing technology design.


In general, the magneto-magnetizing requirements of a permanent-magnet generator include sufficient magnetization area strength, reasonable polar-region flux distribution waveforms, predetermined polar indexing accuracy, and production efficiency ; Has a certain life; with safe and reliable operation and so on.http://www.titanwindturbine.com