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Maglev vertical axis wind turbines breakthrough the limitation of installation and application

Jan 04, 2018

The original vertical axis wind turbine is the use of natural energy, to rotate the support on the vertical shaft turbine blades, and transform it into electricity or other useful products. But such a system, any of the aerodynamic blade under low wind speed performance is poor at low rotational speed and blade may stall, it also limits the equipment installation and application. And the presence of the magnetic levitation vertical axis wind turbine, a good breakthrough the limit.

If there is any need a stable wind speed wind turbines with the 50/60 hz constant frequency can effectively generate electricity. Then the magnetic suspension applied to the design of vertical axis wind turbine, the permanent magnet is used in the magnetic suspension perpendicular to the axis of the turbine system, it can be used for conventional wind turbines on the use of ball bearing an effective alternative.

In order to avoid the maglev vertical axis wind turbines may demagnetization, used to implement the design of magnetic suspension part of the permanent magnet has been replaced by smaller VAWT also provide a current excitation coil of the electric field is that the equipment can be in any location under the optimal wind conditions, to maximize the efficiency of work.

Such a high altitude maglev vertical axis wind turbine is mainly consists of one or two permanently fixed to a helium gas transmission tool of the structure of the maglev VAWT, in its structure, also carried through continuous monitoring and records all weather related indicators. Wind flow into will rotate the blade, in order to effectively produce the desired electrical rating, at the same time can also be remote operation.

Practice has proved that the smaller VAWT with the incentives including provide electric field inside the two generators of the effects of the magnetic levitation coil of the purpose of coil electric field; And bigger VAWT is maglev vertical axis wind turbine electrical rating of the wind turbines, leading to a larger airflow into the blade.http://www.titanwindturbine.com/